Dolphin Coast Now At All Slots Casino

What would be the perfect pokies game for an online casino that wanted to attract Australian players? Well, it would have to be one where there were tons of ways to win, lots of special features that would appeal to clever people, and a theme that depicted something that every Australian is familiar with, like the Sea. Well welcome to Dolphin Coast. Dolphin Coast is the latest of a group of online pokies being of erred by the All Slots Casino. If initial feedback is telling, Dolphin Coast is proving to be a big hit in Australia. The world of online pokies already has gotten a big push from the Australian gaming circuit. Now with All Slots Casino offering games like Dolphin Coast, the popularity of pokies in Australia is only going to increase. Dolphin Coast has a unique blend of creative game play and stunning graphics that appeal to your average Australian. Once again, it is All Slots Casino that is seeking out games that have appeal in Australia. All Slots Casino will continue to be a top venue for Australian online casino players by hosting games like Dolphin Coast.

Dolphin Coast is Topping the Online Pokies Charts

The Dolphin Coast online pokies game on the All Slots Casino website is what is called a five by five online pokies game. This means that there are five reels and each real will display five images at any one time. Instead of the traditional single pay line, the whole screen is your playing board giving you 3,125 ways to win. Now, that’s just in the base online pokies game. The game also uses scatter symbols which can give you loads of free spins, many of which will multiply your payout. With a mystery dolphin symbol, if you are lucky, you could win a fortune playing Dolphin Coast at All Slots Casino. How much is a fortune? Well, the maximum pay out on a ten credit bet would be seven and a half million. That could be considered a fortune not only in Australia but anywhere else in the world. You would be hard pressed to find an online pokies game with a bigger jackpot.

The Theme of Dolphin Coast at All Slots Casino

The theme of the Dolphin Coast online pokies game at All Slots Casino is one that every Australian is familiar with. It is the sea and everything in it. Stunning visuals show sunbeams, starfish, Man-of-War jellyfish and of course many types of dolphins. The water looks warm and clear with a light blue tinge. The graphic designers were really working overtime on this. Compared to many other online pokies, Dolphin Coast sets a new standard. What many players soon realize that the best online pokies in any online casino are pokies that combine great graphics, smooth game play, special features, and huge jackpots. On all these counts, Dolphin Coast offered by the online casino All Slots Casino scores magnificently. Pokies will never seem the same after playing this game.